Showcase Set

Max Miller - Mary Ann (HMV)
The Avalanches
- Information (Rex Records)

DNA feat. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (A&M)
Marley Marl - The Man Marly Marl (Cold Chillin')
Salena Jones - (Walk Me Out In The) Morning Dew (CBS)
The 2 Live Crew - Hoochie Mama (Lil' Joe)
Herb Albert - Shady (White Label)
The Evolution Contol Committee - Rebel Without A Pause (Whipped Cream Mix) (Eerie Materials)
Carpenters - Love Is Surrender (A&M)
Donna Allen - Serious (Twenty-One)
Ray Bryant - The Madison Time - Part 1 (Calls By Eddie Morrison) (Collectables)
John Carpenter - The President Is Gone (Silva America)
Nelson Riddle - Lamento (Verve)
Wax Doctor - Never As Cool (Metalheadz)
Sammy Davies Jnr. - Chico The Man (Reprise)
The Rutles - Let's Be Natural (Rhino)

BBC Radio One Live Broadcast:
Dj mix by Lemon Jelly for The Breezeblock
presented by Mary Anne Hobbs

First Broadcast: 20th September 1999
Repeat Broadcast: 15th August 2000

The BreezeBlock